Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Support Writers, Dammit!!!


Not just because you're entertained. Not just because they provide fodder for titillation, or laughter when you need to ease the pain. Not just because they help you consume time. Its because the collective minds of our culture and our world depend so much on writers to gather and disseminate information. They make us think. They make us feel. They make us hope. And goddammit, they do it WHILE they entertain us.

So please, support the WGA strike.

Stop listening to the anti-strike rhetoric you see and hear on the mainstream news. The vast majority of writers in the entertainment industry DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, ride around in limos waiting for Scorsese to pony up with the deal on their latest treatment. Most have kids in college, if they can afford kids. Alot have other jobs. And all of us need healthcare. Writers just happen to write for a living, if they're lucky enough to even make a living on a script.

Think about how good writing on TV or in film has given voice to so many of the unspoken feelings and thoughts that have haunted you. Those words that give your feelings freedom, that give your thoughts room to breathe. That's a collective healing experience. And with the miracle of media -- in film, video or online, its available and ready if you're ready to hear it and read it and share it.

Thank a writer for that. And support the strike until writers get what they need. And believe me, what they need probably won't come with a limousine.

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