Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A New Leaf

It was the dizziness in the morning that alarmed me. And the sudden cravings for something sweet mid-afternoon that gave me a clue. When I went to the doctor, my blood pressure was 168/90.

I was scared. Bad cholestrol was higher than the good kind, and fasting blood glucose was high normal at 100, when it should be in the low 60s.

So now, the changes begin.

Instead of the occasional gym, one Pilates workout and two classes at Rhythm and Motion, it will be five classes, one gym session and Pilates workout for the unforeseeable future. I will walk with my workmates during lunchtime, and get my big ass out of the desk every hour to stretch and take a walk through the building I work.

Butter is verboten. And sob, no more pork with fat. Salt use down by half and white sugar and flour are tossed. Instead of blogging four hours, I will do something to organize my house better. Toss out old clothes, shoes and those fucking papers that have accumulated in my computer hutch.

A note to my family and friends - no, I'm not going to die. I'm going to manage myself better. I won't tell you how many pounds I want to lose, but I will tell you I have a long, hard slog.

But does this mean I will have no more gustatory pleasure in my future? Am I not going to cook anymore? Am I not going to share what comes from my ample table with others?

Hell. Fucking. No.

What I will do is make what I've got work. And use the pallette that fabulous and healthy food provides to make this new leaf work. So today's recipe is for ginger carrot soup.

6 big carrots, sliced
1/2 sweet maui onion sliced
5 cups low-sodium chicken broth
1 Tbs. grated ginger

Braise the carrots, onions and ginger in the broth until tender. Pour mixture in blender to puree, or use a hand blender to do the same thing. Serve with a dollop of yogurt, or blue cheese, or feta.

Now get your butt out there and walk for 30 minutes.


Little Fi said...

You can do it! I love ya, and I want you to be healthy. Hopefully as you start taking control of your health you will find yourself taking control of more of your life. Less stress, more organization, more energy. Hmmm...This sounds like an excellent idea.
I'll try to find out how she does it, but a friend of mine has replaced butter in some baking recipes with flax seed oil and apple sauce. I don't know how it works, but it does. I'll ask her about it.

Auntie Fi said...
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Auntie Fi said...

Little Fi:

I feel alot more energy these days since I've started. And my belts are starting to get looser, so that must mean something.

More organization is next on the agenda. That will come.

I don't know about baking. The current diet I'm on doesn't allow for refined flour or sugar. But once in awhile I HUNGER for a good PBJ and a glass of milk (fat free of course!). And I do not deprive myself of a good piece of dark chocolate for dessert. Why suffer?

Finally, doubling up on dance classes has also increased energy, and I do feel more alive after class and ABLE TO SLEEP BETTER. That's one of the prices of middle age that we all adjust to. The weight of the world e.g., stress takes a toll that way.